Cason Pig Waterer Bowl
Cason Pig Waterer Bowl
Cason Pig Waterer Bowl
Cason Pig Waterer Bowl
Cason Pig Waterer Bowl
Cason Pig Waterer Bowl
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Cason Product Introduction
Cason is a supplier of drinking bowls for pigs in China. We have good cooperation with many large pig farms. Cason water bowls are made of 304 stainless steel, each drinking bowl is finely polished and smooth without any burrs. The corners are designed with rolled edges without any burrs. In addition, Cason drinking bowls can be customized according to customer needs.

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Why Waterer Bowl is Necessary?
Drink water according to the physiological characteristics of pigs. Pigs need 2-5 kg of water for every 1 kg of dry feed. In winter, pigs drink slightly less water, for every 1 kg of dry feed, they need 2-4 kg of water; in spring and autumn, for every 1 kg of dry feed, they need 8 kg of water; in summer, for every 1 kg of dry feed, they need 10 kg of water.
Fattening sows need even more water. When pigs drink water, the water tends to run down to the ground and mix with the manure on the ground. It will not only waste a lot of water but also increase the workload of handling manure.
Pig Nipple Drinker
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Cason Water Bowl & Pig Nipple Drinker

In the past, pig farms often use pig nipple drinkers, which are easy to cause water waste when pigs are drinking, so now most of them are replaced with pig drinking bowls, and when pigs are drinking, the excess water will be kept in the drinking bowls to achieve the purpose of water saving.

The Composition of Pig Drinker Bowl
Cason water bowl made of stainless steel. It includes two parts: a water cup and a spring valve.
The working process of Pig Waterer Bowl
When the pig wishes to drink, it will push the pressing plate, and the plate will drive the outlet valve, so the water will flow to the cup from the pipe. When the pig stops drinking, the spring will haul back the valve and stop the water.When the pig stops drinking, the spring will haul back the valve and stop the water.

The Advantages of Cason Water Bowl
cason water bowl
Cason Water Bowl
1. The drinking bowl for pigs can meet the daily drinking needs of pigs and achieve the purpose of water saving.
2. Stainless steel water bowl for pigs can store water effectively and ensure that pigs can drink water at any time.
3. Compared with other drinking equipment, the drinking bowl can save a lot of water and reduce the pressure of handling manure and water later.
4. Special process treatment on the edge to avoid scratching pigs
5. stainless steel material with a smooth surface and large enough bowl opening to reduce water splashing

How High Is The Drinking Bowl Installed?
Stainless steel water bowls according to the different growth stages to choose the size and installation height of the drinking bowl.
Because of the different heights of the pigs, there is no specific height when the drinking bowl is installed, to ensure that the pigs can drink water as the standard.
You can install two water bowls of different heights, small pigs use the shorter one, it is recommended that the bowl mouth is 20-25 cm from the ground, large pigs install the height bowl mouth 30-35 cm from the ground, sow water bowl 40-60 cm from the ground.
The above data is for reference only, farmers can determine the specific situation according to the pig barn.
Pig waterers should not be installed in the corners because pigs like to defecate in the corners. The ideal installation position should be close to the feed trough.
Two waterers in the same pen should not be located too far apart. If they are too far apart, one of the waterers will be out of use for a long time.
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