Chicken manure composting fermenter supplier-cason

Chicken manure composting fermenter supplier-cason


Cason chicken manure fermenter adopts a Japanese aerobic fermentation tank process, based on the aerobic fermentation tank research and development improvement, design of a complete set of environmental protection equipment specifically for the harmless treatment of chicken manure. Cason compost machine improves fermentation efficiency, fermentation time of 7-10 days, which greatly save the initial investment costs, chicken farms can be based on the amount of chicken manure produced every day.

Chicken manure composting fermenter supplier-cason
Cason chicken manure fermenter adopts a Japanese aerobic fermentation tank process, based on the aerobic fermentation tank research and development improvement, design of a complete set of environmental protection equipment specifically for the harmless treatment of chicken manure.

Cason compost machine
improves fermentation efficiency, fermentation time of 7-10 days, which greatly save the initial investment costs, chicken farms can be based on the amount of chicken manure produced every day, put one or several chicken manure fermentation tank, is the majority of chicken farms to achieve ecological breeding, the best choice for recycling agriculture. It is the best choice for ecological farming and recycling agriculture.
Cason chicken manure fermenter
The value of chicken manure
Long-term accumulation of chicken manure will attract flies and mosquitoes, etc., and become a breeding ground for germs to multiply, which will not endanger the environment and health, or waste social resources. When farming reaches a certain scale, the harmless treatment of chicken manure is especially important. Chicken manure as a good fertilizer can continue to improve the soil, bringing high social value, ecological benefits, and economic benefits.
Overview of chicken manure fermenter
In recent years, the chicken industry has been developing fiercely, from free-range chickens to large-scale cage farming now, the daily chicken manure produced and environmental protection before the contradiction is increasingly aggravated, and chicken manure is different from the manure produced by other farm animals because the intestinal tract of chickens is very short, ingestion of 40% of chicken feed is not completely digested, chicken manure contains 1.5 times more nutrients than pig manure, as organic fertilizer economic value is extremely high.

Chicken manure cannot be directly used as fertilizer for crops and fruit trees, but must be harmlessly treated through aerobic fermentation before use. First of all, chicken manure carries harmful organisms such as pathogens, bacteria, and worm eggs, while the decomposition of chicken manure by microorganisms in the soil generates heat, which can easily burn the roots of plants and affect the normal growth of crops.

The traditional fermentation treatment method mixes chicken manure and additives to produce organic fertilizer with the help of microbial decomposition, although it can also harmlessly treat chicken manure, but because it requires great space and low fermentation efficiency, it cannot fill the manure produced by the expanded chicken farms every day, and it is easy to cause secondary pollution, and human contact with chicken manure for a long time is easy to stimulate the respiratory tract, which is extremely unfavorable to health, so it is gradually being Chicken farms are gradually eliminated.
Chicken manure fermenter design principle
The chicken manure fermentation tank is made by using the principle that organic matter in chicken manure is naturally decomposed by aerobic microorganisms in nature, and through artificial design to accelerate the rapid reproduction of aerobic microorganisms to achieve rapid decomposition of chicken manure. 

Chicken manure fermentation tank through the fan air supply continuous uninterrupted oxygen, coupled with the fermentation tank inside the closed environment, the spindle in the hydraulic power drives the blade stirring chicken manure fermentation tank inside the chicken manure so that chicken manure fully contact with oxygen, to provide excellent reproduction of aerobic microorganisms, with a large number of aerobic microorganisms reproduction, chicken manure in the organic matter is constantly decomposed into ammonia, carbon dioxide, and water, and generate a large amount of heat. The temperature inside the tank can reach over 70℃, which can effectively kill the pathogens, grass species, bacteria and worm eggs in chicken manure.

After the decomposition of organic matter in chicken manure is finished, the temperature inside the chicken manure fermentation tank gradually decreases until it is fully decomposed into After the decomposition of organic matter in chicken manure, the temperature in the chicken manure fermenter gradually decreases until it is completely decomposed into high-quality organic fertilizer.

Fertilizer tanks completely solves the pollution problem of chicken manure to the environment and ensures the green and sustainable development of chicken industry on a large scale. And the ammonia gas produced by aerobic microorganisms directly enters the deodorization tank under the action of the exhaust fan and is absorbed by the filtering cotton through spraying to avoid secondary pollution.
Chicken manure fermentation tank composition
The whole chicken manure fermentation tank mainly consists of a feeding system, hydraulic power system, stirring shaft, air supply heating system, electric control system, deodorization system, etc. 

Take the model 90 chicken manure fermentation tank as an example, the whole set of equipment has three working rooms (fermentation chamber), a hydraulic station, an oil cylinder, a fan, a heating pipe, an electric control box, an emergency stop button, deodorization tank, limiter, exhaust pipe, automatic lubrication, stirring shaft, polyurethane insulation cotton, feeding port, discharging port, conveyor belt, and a lifting device or winch remote conveying, etc.
Chicken manure fermentation tank features
1.High degree of mechanization and integration, using vertical tank structure, making full use of space, covering an area of only 50 ㎡, the project does not require a new plant, low investment costs.
2.High degree of automation of chicken manure fermentation tank, one person control can complete the entire fermentation process, avoiding direct contact between people and chicken manure.
3.Chicken manure fermentation tank using aerobic microbial high-temperature aerobic fermentation technology, the use of microbial activity to degrade organic matter, ripening, low energy consumption, and low operating costs.
4.Chicken manure fermentation tank fermentation cycle of 7-10 days, high fermentation efficiency, high degree of maturation.
5.Chicken manure fermentation tank main body with insulation design, and equipped with an auxiliary heating system, the equipment can operate normally at -20 ℃ environment, to solve the impact of environmental temperature on the fermentation process.
6.The chicken manure fermentation tank is equipped with a deodorizing device, and the odor produced in the fermentation process is collected and treated centrally to achieve the standard emission of gas, which will not cause secondary pollution to the surrounding environment.
7.The main body of the chicken manure fermentation tank is made of stainless steel special material, reducing corrosion and long life.
8.The treated materials can be used for soil improvement, landscaping, and also for processing organic fertilizer to realize the resource utilization of organic waste.
9.The process is in line with the national green economy ecological, recycling economy resourcefulness, scientific development, energy saving, and emission reduction.
Chicken manure fermentation tank conditions
Chicken manure water content: To speed up the fermentation of chicken manure, chicken manure must maintain a certain water content, not more than 70%, chicken manure fermentation tank internal retention of bacterial fertilizer, no need to add additional strains, if the water content is a too high need to mix in wood chips, straw, sawdust, etc., while you can improve the fertility of organic fertilizer.
Oxygen: aerobic microorganisms will reproduce rapidly only under the condition of sufficient oxygen, chicken manure fermentation tank needs to be equipped with three fans, two fans at the bottom of the shelf and the top fan on the top through the spindle on the blades to continuously deliver oxygen to the interior, the purpose of stirring is to increase the contact area of chicken manure and oxygen.
Temperature: temperature between 60-70 ℃ is the ideal temperature for aerobic microorganisms to reproduce, chicken manure fermenter usually operates at about 60 ℃, and the temperature of the material after decomposition is reduced to below 50 ℃.
PH value, carbon to nitrogen ratio: the usual PH value of organic waste, carbon to nitrogen ratio is the basic conditions suitable for fermentation, PH value should be in the range of 6-8.5.
Workflow of chicken manure fermenter
Conveying device
Hopper lifting devices
There are two ways of feeding, which are hopper lifting devices to lift chicken manure to the feeding port and drop it to the inside of the chicken manure fermentation tank under the action of gravity. Or through the remote conveying device, winch conveying, and ultra-long distance pumping, the chicken manure is direct to the chicken manure fermentation tank inside.
Rapid warming stage: rapid warming to 50~65℃ in 1~2 days under the action of microorganisms, high temperature stage: continuous decomposition to maintain 5~7 days, meeting oxygen demand through stirring and ventilation, cooling stage: rapid fermentation finished, continuous cooling
The materials in the fermentation chamber are dropped layer by layer under the action of spindle mixing and gravity and discharged from the discharge port.
Other functions of chicken manure fermenter
In addition to chicken manure, chicken manure fermenters can also treat pig manure, cow manure, sheep manure, kitchen garbage, sludge after sewage treatment, mushroom residue, Chinese medicine residue, crop straw, and different forms of fermenters with different capacities are customized according to customers' needs.
Cason brand advantage
Cason Machinery founded in 2014 is located in Qingdao City, 2015 into the livestock breeding equipment industry, the main products are environmental protection equipment, breeding equipment, harmless treatment equipment, pig feeding troughs, pig barn pens, pig barn scraping and manure removal equipment, organic fertilizer fermentation machine, harmless treatment equipment and closed pipeline conveying system and other modern livestock farming equipment. 
Cason Machinery
We are committed to providing customers with complete environmental protection system solutions, including product development, sales, production, installation, and after-sales services as a whole. The company has a total plant area of more than 10,000 square meters. We have a series of modern production equipment such as turret-type computer punching machines, CNC bending machines, laser cutting machines, laser welding machines, and traveling cranes. 

We have more than 20 kinds of patents, and 4 kinds of soft publications, and passed ISO9001 quality management certification. In 2017, we signed strategic cooperation agreements with large group companies such as New Hope, Orient Hope, and Dongrui Food. 

Starting in 2020, we set up R&D centers with China Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Siemens to devote to the development and implementation of overall solutions for environmental protection, and in the same year, we set up two branches, Cason Environmental Protection and Sichuan Zeyu. 

Followed by the establishment of Guangdong and Guangxi offices in 2021. By 2022, we have completed the acceptance of the provincial government department's science and technology projects, and will soon be located in the national agricultural science and technology industrial park to achieve higher development.

The company insists on the original intention of "doing the right thing, improving production efficiency, and constantly innovating and developing", and our products are reliable in quality, up-to-date in design, and competitive in providing professional, timely, and complete after-sales service and technical support.