How to prevent and control the epidemic situation in pig breeding?

How to prevent and control the epidemic situation in pig breeding?


Strengthen hygiene management; Strengthen epidemic prevention management; Reasonable construction of breeding farms.

How to prevent and control the epidemic situation in pig breeding?

1. Strengthen hygiene management: timely treatment of feces, keep the house clean, ventilated and dry, timely replacement of drinking water pig drinking bowl, timely disinfection and cleaning, timely attention to whether the feed in pig feeder is spoiled or moldy, and effective isolation of breeding area and living area to avoid pollution of the living environment.

2. Strengthen epidemic prevention management: carry out disinfection in strict accordance with the requirements of disinfection and epidemic prevention, achieve timely and effective epidemic prevention, and replace and check the disinfection drugs and tools in time. According to the relevant policy requirements, the implementation of vaccination work, regular vaccination, form herd immunity.

3. Reasonable construction of breeding farms: the site selection needs to meet the relevant epidemic prevention requirements, such as avoiding schools, hospitals, residential areas and industrial areas. At the same time, the discharge of waste water should be effectively isolated, and the scenic spots and protected areas should also be isolated. In the breeding field, regional division should be carried out to reduce the spread of the disease and effectively control the epidemic. At the same time to discharge the waste and so on harmless treatment.


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