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Service FAQ

What are the services of Pig Cup Waterer?

1.Q:How far is your factory from the airport?A:It will take 15 minutes from our company to Airport and take one half houre from our company to seaport.2.Q:Do you provide sample? Free or charge, such us Pig Cup Waterer?A:we offer one pcs sample for free.3.Q:What is your MOQ?A:Our MOQ is 10 pcs.4.Q:Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?A:We are Pig Cup Waterer manufacturer.5.Q:How long is your delivery time?A:Our lead time is one month.

How about the company's after-sales service?

Main tank, ladder, hydraulic mixing system, air inlet system, deodorization system, feeding system and control system: 5 years warranty;Discharge conveyor belt, canopy and lightning protection system: 3 years warranty;Equipment quality assurance1. Provide equipment outline drawings, technical descriptions, operation and maintenance manuals, provide equipment, electric control equipment and installation guidance, and provide commissioning, trial operation and quality assurance services.2. The following data shall be provided for completion acceptance:1) Construction drawings and design change documents;2) Certificates or test and inspection records of main materials and products;3) Construction survey records;4) Test and inspection records;5) Construction records;6) Intermediate acceptance records;7) Project quality inspection and evaluation records;8) Project quality accident handling records.Equipment quality assuranceThe completion acceptance certificate includes the following items:1) Plane size, installation position and quantity of equipment, pipes and accessories;2) Whether the appearance, including equipment appearance and exposed pipeline installation, affects the project quality.3) A 4h running test shall be carried out to determine the effect of the equipment.Once the strategic cooperation with your company is completed, our company promises to strictly follow your company's production requirements, product requirements, installation and after-sales requirements, and service requirements, strengthen project management and control, and achieve a 100% project acceptance rate.