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What are the services of Pig Cup Waterer?

1.Q:How far is your factory from the airport?A:It will take 15 minutes from our company to Airport and take one half houre from our company to seaport.2.Q:Do you provide sample? Free or charge, such us Pig Cup Waterer?A:we offer one pcs sample for free.3.Q:What is your MOQ?A:Our MOQ is 10 pcs.4.Q:Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?A:We are Pig Cup Waterer manufacturer.5.Q:How long is your delivery time?A:Our lead time is one month.

Why is it preferred to suggest that farms invest in organic fertilizer aerobic fermentation tank

Nowadays, the social pollution is becoming more and more serious, and there are more and more kinds of pollutants, such as agricultural waste, livestock manure, industrial waste, domestic garbage, and urban sludge. How to make rational use of organic fertilizer aerobic fermentation tank to innocuously treat these pollutants into organic fertilizer and return them to the soil, improve the land fertility, and ensure the quality of life and ecological breeding is a huge problem currently facing. However, long-term unreasonable use of chemical fertilizer in farmland is likely to cause imbalance in the proportion of nutrients in land and farmland, damage the farmland ecology, and affect the quality and safety of agricultural products.Livestock and poultry dung: such as chicken dung, cattle, sheep, horse dung, rabbit dung;Industrial wastes: such as distiller's grains, vinegar grains, cassava residues, sugar residues, furfural residues, etc;Domestic waste: such as kitchen waste;Urban sludge: such as river sludge, sewage sludge, etc. Classification of organic fertilizer raw material production and supply bases: silkworm excrement, mushroom residue, kelp residue, phosphocitric acid residue, cassava residue, protein mud, sugar formaldehyde residue, amino acid humic acid, oil residue, plant ash, shell powder, etc., and peanut shell powder.Agricultural wastes: such as straw, soybean meal, cotton meal, etc.Organic fertilizer, commonly known as farmyard manure, refers to slow acting fertilizer containing a lot of biological substances, animal and plant residues, excreta, biological waste and other substances. The organic fertilizer not only contains the necessary macroelements and microelements for plants, but also contains rich organic nutrients. The organic fertilizer is the most comprehensive fertilizer.Organic fertilizer is organic solid waste decomposed by aerobic microorganisms in the organic fertilizer aerobic fermentation tank, which generates a large amount of heat with a temperature of more than 70 degrees, effectively killing bacteria and grass seeds in the waste, and produces organic fertilizer after complete decomposition. The organic fertilizer can be directly used for economic crops such as orchard, agricultural and vegetable bases, and can also be added with a certain proportion of chemical fertilizer, A compound fertilizer containing a certain proportion of organic matter that is fully mixed and granulated by technology.

How about the company's after-sales service?

Main tank, ladder, hydraulic mixing system, air inlet system, deodorization system, feeding system and control system: 5 years warranty;Discharge conveyor belt, canopy and lightning protection system: 3 years warranty;Equipment quality assurance1. Provide equipment outline drawings, technical descriptions, operation and maintenance manuals, provide equipment, electric control equipment and installation guidance, and provide commissioning, trial operation and quality assurance services.2. The following data shall be provided for completion acceptance:1) Construction drawings and design change documents;2) Certificates or test and inspection records of main materials and products;3) Construction survey records;4) Test and inspection records;5) Construction records;6) Intermediate acceptance records;7) Project quality inspection and evaluation records;8) Project quality accident handling records.Equipment quality assuranceThe completion acceptance certificate includes the following items:1) Plane size, installation position and quantity of equipment, pipes and accessories;2) Whether the appearance, including equipment appearance and exposed pipeline installation, affects the project quality.3) A 4h running test shall be carried out to determine the effect of the equipment.Once the strategic cooperation with your company is completed, our company promises to strictly follow your company's production requirements, product requirements, installation and after-sales requirements, and service requirements, strengthen project management and control, and achieve a 100% project acceptance rate.

What are the conditions to promote aerobic fermentation?

In order to promote aerobic fermentation, the following conditions shall be met:Moisture content; air Temperature; PH value; Carbon nitrogen ratio; It shall not contain chemicals that hinder the colonization of high-temperature bacteria; In order to speed up the drying process of products and enhance the uniformity of products, the air supply system needs to continuously supply appropriate air volume. The above items are necessary conditions.This type of fermenter is a system for feeding organic fertilizer from the top and unloading organic fertilizer from the bottom of the equipment. The fermentation composting cycle is generally 6-10 days (depending on the composition, water content and treatment cycle of raw materials).moisture contentIn order to effectively ferment, the fermenting layer in the tank must maintain a moisture content of 50% - 60%.This equipment is a device with a deep fermentation tank. Due to the residual fermentation substance (bacterial bed) in the tank at ordinary times, it is necessary to input high moisture raw materials with appropriate water and mixed by stirring.airThe reproduction degree of aerobic microorganisms in the fermentation process will change slightly under the influence of the surrounding environment. The principle of this equipment is aerobic biological fermentation. The high-pressure air supply system of the equipment supplies air continuously through the mixing shaft at the bottom of the equipment and the vent of the mixing blade. The air supply volume is adjusted according to the fermentation state to create a suitable purple environment for aerobic microorganisms to reproduce vigorously, so that the decomposed materials can be decomposed completely and quickly, and the eggs and grass seeds can be killed.temperatureThe temperature between 50 ℃ and 70 ℃ is the ideal temperature for aerobic microorganism propagation. The operating temperature of this equipment will vary according to the content of organic matter in the material. The operating temperature is usually about 60 ℃.PH value, carbon nitrogen ratioIn order to effectively ferment, the fermenting layer in the tank must maintain a moisture content of 50% - 60%. This equipment is a device with a deep fermentation tank. Since there are usually fermented substances (bacterial beds) left in the tank, it is necessary to input water free raw materials with appropriate water and mixed by stirring.

What are the advantages of screw conveyor compared with other auger conveyors?

Type of screw conveyorThere are many kinds of screw conveyors, including U-shaped screw conveyor, pipe screw conveyor, auger conveyor, cement conveyor, pipe fly ash feeder, shaft screw conveyor and double shaft screw conveyor.Advantages of screw conveyorScrew conveyor is a kind of machinery that uses the motor to drive the screw to rotate and move materials to achieve the purpose of conveying. Compared with other auger conveyors, it can be transported horizontally, obliquely or vertically, and has the advantages of simple structure, small cross-sectional area, good sealing, convenient operation, easy maintenance, convenient closed transportation, etc. Screw conveyor can be divided into axial screw conveyor and shaftless screw conveyor in terms of conveying form, and can be divided into U-shaped screw conveyor and tubular screw conveyor in terms of appearance. The shaftless screw conveyor is suitable for non viscous dry powder materials and small particle materials (such as cement, fly ash, lime, grain, etc.), while the shaftless screw conveyor is suitable for the conveyor to be made of viscous and easily entangled materials. (For example: sludge, biomass, garbage, etc.) The working principle of the screw conveyor is that the rotating screw blades move the materials and carry out the screw conveyor conveying. The force that makes the materials not rotate with the screw conveyor blades is the weight of the materials themselves and the friction resistance of the screw conveyor housing to the materials. The spiral blades welded on the rotating shaft of the screw conveyor have solid surface, belt surface, blade surface, etc. according to the different materials conveyed.

What are the products of Qingdao Cason Machinery?

Qingdao Zeyu Cason Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established in 2014 and entered the animal husbandry equipment industry in 2015.The company integrates product research and development, production, sales and installation services. Its main products include: pig feeding trough, pig house field, pig house scraping and dung cleaning equipment, organic fertilizer fermenter and other modern animal husbandry equipment.

How to maintain Qingdao Cason stainless steel double side feeder

How to maintain Qingdao Cason stainless steel double side pig feederAlong with the progress of the pig industry continuously, the raise pig is more and more science and technology,  due to stainless steel double side feeder with no moisture absorption of feed mildew, guarantee the pig intestinal health advantages, so the stainless steel feeder become indispensable to pig feeding equipment, get the favour of the pig bosses,

What payment methods do you accept?

T/T, PayPal, Western Union, Money Gram and L/C at sight are all acceptable.  T/T is suitable for both small and large quantity orders and it is commonly acceptable type. USD50 bank charge should be charged for each order below USD 5000 in total amount. We have tax refund with this method so the unit prices of the cargo should be a little bit better than cash transaction. PayPal ,Western Union, Money Gram are cash transactions. PayPal charge should be as per your amount and we will charge you together with cargo costs.  Charges of Western Union and Money Gram should be paid by yourself while transferring payment. We will not charge from you for the two method (Western Union and Money Gram) We do not have tax refund under the three payment methods so the unit prices should be a little bit higher than T/T. Charges L/C at sight should be charged as per the detail orders!

Are you manufacturer or trading company?

Dear friend, we are an integral company with both factory and trading authority. Qingdao Cason Pipe Machinery is our factory and can also do exporting. 

where is Cason Machine ?

Which city is Cason machine in  ? Cason machine is located in Qingdao of China, which is only 20 minutes from Qingdao Airport , 40 minutes to Qingdao bei Railway station and 1 hour to Qingdao Sea port .

Why choose Cason Machine ?

Cason Manufacturing Ability  Core members working experience  CEO of Cason Machine : Eason Wang  Eason Wang has much sourcing experience on hog farming equipment . He once worked as the chief sourcing manager in Qingdao MP industry company . Eason Wang started to his own business on 2014 . Technology Engineer Eric Hu   Eric Hu once worked as an engineer in Big Dutchman China branch and GSI china branch .  He know much about the design of European and American Hog equipment design and requirements  . Installation Team Chief  Mr. Tian  Mr. Tian start to work on Livestock Manure fermentation tank on 2006 , his team has finish installation of and test of fermentation tank more than 400 sets successfully until 2007 . On the year of 2017 , Mr. Tian join in Cason Machine as installation team Chief . Our philosophy Details determines quality  !  Cason Machine provide the professional design , fast manufacturing , rapid response , and standard service .